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How A Music Teacher Earned Her Annual Income In One Month

If you are like most people, the idea of your yearly income being squeezed into just one month might seem like a nearly impossible task that very few people can pull off. On the other hand, your monthly income can be boosted if you have outstanding guidance, lots of persistence, and the right attitude. Truthfully, thanks to the help from Client Attraction University, there was one music teacher who was able to turn her normal yearly income into a monthly one.

Client Attraction University Helps Individuals Succeed 

Music teacher Melody Biggins helps students obtain scholarships to universities and colleges. Before Melody joined Client Attraction University, she didn't realize the amount of value she was providing to her clients. Her students were learning from her, and Melody assumed that obtaining more students could help her earn even more money and that would allow her to hire professionals to help with the teaching. However, she was not paid a lot of money for her music teaching. It was as low as $100 per month sometimes, and that quickly exhausted her. The situation meant that she was constantly working, rather than getting enough rest, enjoying family time, or achieving financial success. 

Things started turning around for Melody when she began to learn about Client Attraction University's programs. She went to one of their live events but was hesitant at first. She decided to give it a try after remembering Jennifer Lopez saying just how important it was to really want something and then make the necessary sacrifices for your dreams. She made the decision to make a sacrifice of her own and joined the Three-Day Client Attraction University program. After completing that one, she was invited into another program and completed it as well.

Melody's Life Was Improved By The Client Attraction Program 

Since Melody took the program in the spring, she has acquired almost a dozen new clients. She was paid about $10,000 in advance by one after only one conversation where she was able to sell herself as an expert. Melody was also preparing a recital and generating a waiting list for prospective students hoping to enroll with her. According to Melody, her life has been seriously improved by Client Attraction University. She doesn't have to spend so much time trying to acquire client leads since now students are attempting to convince her that they would be a good fit for Melody's teaching.

Melody appreciated how patient Marquel is. The CEO of Client Attraction University, along with his professionals, were key in providing her with the guidance she needed to achieve her life objectives. She also loves how she has the chance to prove her value when it comes to what she is able to provide to the students and kids that are worth a lot of market value. Client Attraction University and the programs have allowed Melody and the people around her to enjoy significant advantages since she doesn't need to spend as much time acquiring more students and clients. Instead, she gets to spend more time with her family due to the business bringing in additional streams of income. 

The Bottom Line 

Melody will always remember the advice from Marquel and his team. In order to make the amount she wanted to make, Melody needed to be very coachable. She pointed out that there were certain things that she had to unlearned before she could attain new skills and then apply them in the direction of her life that she wanted to go. After Melody went through the program, her four-figure income turned into a five-figure one. In not too long she is hoping to hit six figures and even seven.

Are you a person who likes to learn and do things yourself? If so, Melody recommends that you could still use some guidance and help from helpful professionals such as Marquel's team, since they have gone ahead and become established as experts. So if you would like to learn how Melody was able to transform her monthly income, consider enrolling in a Client Attraction University program to find out how she achieved it for yourself.  

If you think you are not generating or making the type of money and revenue that you provide to others, that means your market value is not being completely appreciated. So how can you make this ground up? You don't need to figure out everything yourself. Marquel and his Client Attraction University team are ready to help you.


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