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One-Page Business Plan Template


Many people find that operating a business is a very complex issue. They also struggle with getting a sound business plan developed.  Because of that, a client success story fan by the name of Marquel Russell created a one-page business plan template. He now shares the template with all of his Client Attraction University students.   

Client Attraction University

A results-based consulting and marketing agency called Client Attraction University was founded by Marquel Russell. They are renowned all over the world for providing investors and their clients with excellent results. They have created many solutions for their clients already, which allows them to stand out from their competitors and develop a great reputation within the industry. Marquel says that everything begins with an actionable business plan. 

The one-page business plan template is shared by Marquel to provide knowledge and inform those who want to know how to acquire high-quality leads. He recommends it to both experienced and new business owners who may need help with getting a business plan created. 

Who is your ideal client?

Marquel stresses how critical it is to identify your dream client. When you don't work with your ideal client, you may not have the proper motivation to be serious enough about your business. Also, know that your dream client makes it possible to provide high-quality services based on the unique requirements of your clients. 

What specific problem would you like to solve for your Ideal Client?

All businesses must be able to solve a specific problem. Determining what the problem is can help you identify the gap within the market that can be filled by your business. 

What irresistible offer can your business provide to solve your Ideal Client's problem?

Since you know what problem you would like to solve for your client already, it is time for you to come up with an offer that the client will be unable to resist. That is easier said than done. However, going through the process is key to being able to provide the best service possible based on what your client is looking for. This also provides you with an edge over the competition since you may be the only one offering the service that meets your client's needs. 

What lead magnet are you using? 

When Marquel talks about the lead magnet he is referring to what you can provide for free to your client. He recommends in this case that you provide a link to to your clients. You can do this for free. Marquel says that many of his Client Attraction University students have benefitted from using this technique already, and he is confident that you will also find it useful. 

What funnel market are you using?

A funnel market is a description of how you plan to attract targeted customers to your business. It describes the journey between your customer and you. Marquel recommends that you use the hot ticket marketing funnel that he created. You can find this kind of marketing funnel on his website, 

Which traffic source are you using? 

After you know what your funnel market is, Marquel says you need to know which traffic source you should use. He recommends that at first you focus on one source of traffic and see how well it converts. For instance, you can try to use search engine rankings to generate organic traffic. If the traffic does not convert well for you, then you can try out other sources of traffic like social media. You can of course use multiple sources of traffic as long as you are able to monitor them all to make sure they are worth your effort and time. 

What conversion mechanism are you using?

A conversion mechanism is what converts prospective leads into paying customers. Marquel says that the two mechanisms that have worked very well for his clients and him are roaming calls and events. 

How are you delivering results to your clients?

Marquel believes that the way you deliver your services can really make a significant difference in being able to attract repeat customers. That helps you leave a long-lasting and positive impression on them, which will entice customers to keep returning to you and referring your business to others.  

It has never been easier to create a business plan thanks to the one-page business plan template developed by Marquel Russell. If you start to feel lost while trying to make one on your own, feel free to use Marquel's template as your guide. It may end up being the missing puzzle piece that at last helps you take your business up to the next level.


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